Bless Up Records Talk Show Episode 1

The Bless Up Records talk show is a new addition to Bless Up Media, hosted by Kianu Svorinic, the purpose of this show is to expose and attempt to change the apparent inequality in the music industry.

Our guest today is Mark Extreme, a talented DJ and radio host from Kampala, Uganda. Throughout the conversation we talk about the integration of international labels into Africa and the world as a whole. With local and worldwide viewpoints included. It was agreed that having the internet as a tool has exponentially increased opportunities for African artists but has also opened the doors for major labels to extort local artists. Mark, for example has 3 Radio shows, one of which takes place in Atlanta, USA. He has been dealing with independent artists since 2011 and has a lot to say on the matter. He points out that if African artists are to reach their full potential they can’t rely only on talent. It is important that they seek knowledge on the business side and stay independent as long as possible or at least find a local manager who values them.

In conclusion it was agreed that local artists should be served by local managers and executives and avoid major labels unless a new type of deal comes to light.

“We don’t need to be served by people that are not from where we come from” – Mark Xtreme



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