We wanted to take out the time on this weeks blog to mention one of our most prominent and valued artists, GLO BARZZ. To read his full bio click here.

Upcoming superstar Glo Barzz is fast on his way to becoming a household name. Over the last few months his social media has grown exponentially, he gets new fans every day. While releasing underground hits like Check Me, Press Play and Sauce he curated an organic audience and intimate community, that will support him no matter what. The next single is titled “Complacent” and like with all his other fantastic material a visual will come along with it. GLO’s videos are always second to none, the originality and style brought across in sync with the rhythm is nothing short of masterful.


“Rollin Up A Fat One & Livin In The Tropics Livin In A Mansion & Kickin It With Logic”
-Excerpt from “Check Me” (Over 30K views on Twitter)

Coming up GLO has secured a celebrity track and video feature with Jon Connor from “Flint Michigan”. This collaboration will be featured on his impending LP “Apollo” named after the Greek god of poetry and music.


“The Satyr Marsyas was a famous flute-player from Phrygia, in what is now Central Turkey, who boasted that he could play the double flute better than Apollo¬†the Greek god of Music.
When Apollo found this out, he challenged the Satyr to a musical contest. The winner of the contest would do as he pleased with the loser, and the judges of the contest would be the Muses, the Greek goddesses of Art and Science.

First Marsyas played his flute and the tune was wonderful. Then it was Apollo’s turn. Apollo played notes full of harmony with his lyre and his voice was heavenly, captivating everything around him.

Then Apollo played his lyre upside down and asked Marsyas to do the same, but Marsyas was unable to do so. So Apollo was declared the winner of the contest… and the punishment he chose for Marsyas was severe: Apollo hung Marsyas over a pine tree and skinned him.”


The 6’2 Mexcian-Irish-German And Indian Bodybuilder will continue to work on magical projects and produce incredible music. His new merchandise will be released this Summer. If you want to connect with GLO contact him through Twitter here.

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