Pour a Drink to This!

Have you heard of Marvalis? If not better ask around. He represents the real anyone wants to be. It’s the Bless Up R&B/Hip-Hop Legend blending with the smooth War Veteran, who spends his days saving lives. The artist in question is best known as Charlie Alpha Papa AKA CAP, we started working with his team late last year. Sit back pour yourself a drink and witness the genius these two musicians created.

The lyrical abilities of these men is utterly outstanding. In the chorus for example, one can hear a lot more than is being said. Try listening to the track on Spotify then watching the lyric video. CAP’s entire delivery is consistent and makes your head backspin, in the best way possible. On the other hand Marvalis comes through with what may be his best verse of all time and that is saying a lot! His rapping begins at 1:34, it adds a new life to the song while expanding the theme from a different viewpoint. He explores all kinds of wordplay and remains cool, like a drink with ice that never melts.

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