Born on September 23, 1982 in Olongopo City, Philippines. Marlon Fleming grew up in Brooklyn, New York but lived most of my life in Norfolk/Virginia Beach, Virginia. He is the oldest of five children. Marvalis’s father introduced him to music growing up, since then he never looked back.  As a child, Marvalis wanted to sing and rap because he saw his Father succeeding as a musician. He immersed himself into the hip hop culture as a young child. That was when Marvalis began to write lyrics.

The stage name ‚ÄúMarvalis‚ÄĚ represents the acronym of his name Marlon. In having an extensive music career, in 2000 he was signed to MiProd Entertainment located in Norfolk, Va. In 2002, he was signed to another independent label Clear Water Entertainment. With this label, the radio debut of the song titled ‚ÄúGo Off ” was released in 2007.¬† Marvalis performed on various tours under his born name Marlon Fleming and made the decision to change his name to Marvalis.¬† To expand his name and his brand, the decision was made to do music independently releasing 7 videos starting in 2011 throughout 2012. He often have the opportunity to write for artists such as Fase with the self-title release Bedroom Swag.

To heighten his career, Marvalis recently moved his wife Monique and their 7 children to Atlanta, Ga. Marlon Fleming values his family life and is proud of the fact in spite of the statistics of African American men his children are by ONE woman.¬† In Atlanta is where he met Dexter Phillips the President of the new independent label 1Nation. ¬†¬†Under this new independent label, the newest ablum will be released titled ‚ÄúSimply Marvalis‚ÄĚ. His vision is to be artist for showcasing R&B releasing unpredictable hip hop.

In 2020 Marvalis will release “Shorty Play No Games” Coming soon…


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