GLo Barzz  AKA Angelo Powell is a 24 year old rapper/singer/songwriter and fashion model. He’s a Gemini an, gos by #SNOWBOY because of the state he lives in has constant snow. @Barzzbaby is  a 6’2 Mexcian-Irish-German And Indian Bodybuilder, he is big into fitness. He started writing rap/hip-hop music when he was 13 years old. he became the school star because everyone said he’d be famous someday.

His mother lives with him, she’s his rock. He has lived all over Michigan so when someone asks him where hes from he can’t say a specific place, “I’m just from Michigan as a whole”.

His Videography Team (Aimless Road) works with him year round to put out music videos and photo shoots.

“I’m blessed and Humbled to be a major artist of Bless Up Records”

-GLo Barzz




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