Can You Handle This?

This track takes you from the limo to the bedroom in a love making-genre only possible from Jay Against Humanity. So throw out the rose petals, get an official Jay Candle (coming soon), and pop the champagne, this is one for the ladies!

Jay announced the release on the 23rd of March over Crystallized beats, you can find the interview here.

Starting off like all our lives then bursting into the first chorus this is a stylish multi-genre blend of Hip Hop and R&B. The instrumental consists of many melodies and rhythms but the most prominent is high fleeting synth as well as the piano, which could be related to moving down a woman’s body. The tonation throughout is consistent and satisfying.

This is the dirtiest track without one swear word. Jay navigates the beat with a smooth flow and a strong sexual theme. He uses many metaphors to relate the female body to Earth, From multi-costal tours to Niagra Falls and even a trip to the hood. A possible viewpoint could be that Jay is paying homage to Gaia.

Overall this track hits the spot. So find that special one, go to the bedroom and put “Can You Handle It” on repeat.

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