Hip Hop recording artist “Tayo Deniro” is from the West End of Louisville KY. Growing up he went through many tough times and it shows in his music. Throughout his life he experienced various difficult situations, which is why he became so resilient. He tells the story of his hustle with the goal of inspiring his peers and the youth. During his lifetime he went through two near death experiences, once at eight years of age and another at twenty-three. He is not only a street dweller, he has also attended colleges and has a five-year-old daughter, who he would do anything for. Tayo worked hard for his family but all the overtime wasn’t enough. He was forced to turn to the streets and spent some time in jail. This only fueled his love and aspiration to affect all around him positively. This is what he continues to do, making music for the greater good.


“I’m not a rapper I’m an artist, I wanna reach anybody that has breath in their body. My music message is Anything is possible, no matter what you been thru or go thru you can get what you want out of life…”

-Tayo Deniro

Tayo Deniro