Storm Ryder is from Newark NJ, born and raised. He started with music at a young age, winning talent shows and impressing on-lookers. Back then he was known as Kaoz, his talent only grew more prominent. Throughout his younger years he sold drugs to survive and fund his rap career. His dream was to reach the top of the Hip Hop game but was locked up before gaining the right attention. He was apart of Tupac’s generation but was locked up during when they had the chance to collaborate.
When he got out of Prison he was in a new world, ready to start up his music again. In 2017 his cousin hired a group of thugs to assassinate him, Ryder ducked the gunfire but still got hit three times. He survived and is now fully recovered. His Goon Music is reminiscent of the street life,
showing the world it’s not just about the auto-tune and sugar coated lyrics. Storm Ryder is hard, real and respected just like his ice.
“My label is called Skull Life Entertainment I dyed so many times it’s a shame it’s a reason why I’m here and if u ain’t riding with Skull Life u getting ran over point blank. These niggas out here spitting that bubble gum music and I’m not feeling it facts is I’m not going anywhere I’m the hottest out here and I’m show them all why…..”
-Storm Ryder

Storm Ryder