Mili Hadzic, known professionally as MyLo Milz, was born March 1, 1989 in Mostar, Bosnia i Hercegovina. As a child he escaped a genocide war and eventually made his way to Chicago, Illinois where he was raised. Music has always been a part of his culture and as a way for him to deal with life. His professional name stems from the beauty, pain, light, and darkness he experiences in life and is why MyLo (My-Low) Milz is a constant reminder that no matter how hard life knocks him down, he will always rise above in a positive light and look back at his lows and remember to never go back to that.


MyLo Milz’s musical inspirations come from a wide range of genres and styles which help him approach music in a different way. He went from composing beats at a young age to now an upcoming songwriter/performer bringing a unique and original style to the pop and hip-hop community.


In June of 2020, MyLo Milz released his first single, Just Stay, finally sharing his talent with the world and giving his fans a taste of his originality. Shortly after his first release, he released That Drink, Trust Issues, Unapologetic-Instrumental, Pray for Me, Shifting, and Long Gone, giving fans a closer look into the emotions he puts behind his songs.


“My dream has always been to share my music with the world so people can cope through the hard times and celebrate the good times through my music. I want to let people know that they are not alone and to always strive to be the better version of themselves. I want my fans to feel inspired like I feel inspired when listening to my music. Music is beauty and the best way to express your emotions.” –MyLo Milz


In November of 2020, MyLo Milz, signed his first record label deal as a performing artist with Bless Up Records and began his journey towards his goal of making it to the Billboard Charts.



MyLo Milz

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