Rising artist KillerKassMoula has survived the tragic gang wars that plagued the streets of Nashville, Tennessee in silence. With ties to the westside of Detroit through his father, KillerKassMoula has massed an army of fans from the streets to the pop fans with a variety of flavors when it comes to music choice. Raised in East Nashville Tennessee, accaheusZ Blackwell also known as KillerKassMoula, a Hunter’s Lane Comprehensive High School graduate, didn’t get into music until a few years after graduating. Part of the 08’ demon demon class, KillerKassMoula began to run with the Tree Top Piru set after a near fatal encounter with the 107 Underground crips. The run would be short lived as the Tree Top Pirus would be hit with a RICO case that would lock up many members including his younger brother. KillerKassMoula was faced with a horrible predicament a lot of close friends and family were facing hard time and there was still plenty of work to do on the outside. He devised a plan that would help him and his homies. KillerKassMoula chose to make money through music to help free his friends and family from jail.

Starting up his own record label Blood Moula Empire KillerKassMoula has teamed up with Bless Up Records to achieve his goals and dreams.