Relo Muchanga AKA Flame The Kid was born on 24 September 2001. He is the forth born in his family, raised by both parents.
Flame Really got into music when he was 11. He was inspired by his older brother, who is a rapper and producer, he was also inspired by artists like Lil Wayne, Chris Brown and others from that generation.
At the age of 16 he began performing in his hood and gained a lot of local support.
In 2018 he appeared on television show “Daily Thetha”, which gave more traction to his social media. During this time he was struggling financially but all he cared about was his music. Despite what people thought, he spent his time on the streets of Rustenburg handing out flyers raising money for distribution. At the end of his campaign he made R2500 in total. At around this time he got retrenched and dropped out of grade 11 to make a living in the music industry. His goal was to help his family out of South Africa’s economic crisis. His Role Model is NBA Youngboy Flame values his come up.
He has been close to giving up so many times but through hardship, unemployment and day to day life he continues to push his music. He has touched many lives in the North West and isn’t going to stop there. He has now accumulated over 27K followers on Instagram and scored sponsorship deals from clothing companies like Vans and more. His dream is to be the top Hip Hop Artist of South Africa.

Flame The Kid


South Africa