The band formed in October 2017 in Harrington Delaware after Connor Johnson Answered the Ad Jake Dutcher posted looking for local musicians, In June 2018 The band went into the studio to start recording their debut EP “A broken mans life”, after the EP’s release on February 2, 2019 The band was back in the studio building a catalog of original material And filling essential parts Including the edition of drummer FEZ (Yamir Alicea-Rivera) and creating the sound the band has today. In October 2019 Dutchman signed with Bless Up Records and soon began work on their 2nd EP “Dutchman Vol. 1” which is out now!


Connor Johnson
I was born in Wall Township New Jersey September 26th 1998
When I was young I was always surrounded by music and other musicians,
My dad played bass in a band and our house was always filled with music
I started playing guitar around 4 years old and have been playing ever since.
My influences range from The Beatles, Lynyrd Skynyrd, Oasis, Led Zeppelin
And too many more to mention, I lived in New Jersey for the first 18 years of my
life until I moved to Harrington Delaware in late 2016, I formed my first band
with some friends from school in 2012 and recorded 6 albums with them until
I left in early 2017. Later that year I started searching for local musicians And
found a bunch of ads but only got one response and that happened to be Jake,
Since then we started writing and working together and crafting the sound
Dutchman has today.


I was born in Springfield Missouri February 16th, 1999. When i was a baby we
had moved to PA after our house burning down. Since then I lived in PA until i
was 10 and had moved to Newark Delaware. I had lived there all the way till the
point of my high school graduation which then had moved to Ellendale
Delaware. I’ve always been really interested in music. Musical influences
would definitely be the Beatles, Nirvana, Blink-182, sublime, zeppelin, and so
much others i could go on about. What made me a musician was really the fact
it gave me an outlet to express myself. I started my first band when i was in 8th
grade and growing up in Newark id play my guitar at main st to make money so
its always had a positive service for me. When i moved to Ellendale around
2017 i had left the band i was in and was itching to get back into music and
writing. I made an add on craigslist and Connor was the first person (and only i
think) who responded. Since then me and connor have been writing songs and
working together for about 4 years.

FEZ (Yamir Alicea-Rivera)

I was born in Mt. Home, Idaho on Mt. Home Air Force Base on February 1st,
1995. I lived there with my family until 1999 when we were stationed to Dover
Air Force Base in Dover, Delaware when i was 4 years old. My father retired
from the Air Force in 2006 when we moved to Felton, Delaware where we still
live today. My earliest memory of music is hearing AC/DCs T.N.T from my father
that kicked started my love for hard rock and metal. My dad got me started on
bands like Eagles, The Beatles, AC/DC, Van Halen, Iron Maiden and much more and those bands have stuck with me for the rest of my life. My parents always
said i loved hearing music in the house and enjoying it whenever it was on. This was my earliest exposure to music. Wanting to play like my favorite drummers
such as Nicko McBrain, Tre Cool, Paul Kohler, and others i took to drum set
more as i continued playing in the band. I continued into college for 2 years and
joining the schools contemporary ensemble giving me more of a chance to
learn how to play an actual drum set along with playing drums for my local
church for 6 years. After finding Connors ad on Facebook looking for a drummer
and messaging about the band i joined with him and started to help continue
moving Dutchman forward along with Jake.



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