Alvan Morris formerly known as Lil Gee (Lyrical Genius) started his musical journey in his teen, as a member of his church choir. He created a group with a classmate in high school. With the determination and dream to become a well-known brand in Nigeria, they came up with their first single, “Pom Pom”. Unfortunately, the group could not hold because of proximity. Alvan however held on to his potentials and belief of being a recognized artiste across borders of the world.

He is a Singer, Songwriter, Composer and Arranger an extraordinary Party-Rocker and an entertainer who has got great vocal energy and delivery on any beat he jumps on, that’s why any song he’s been featured on definitely becomes a hit.His strong point is his ability to hit high notes as he teases with his high-pitched voice from time to time. Alvan is also a talented Drummer, Cartoonist and Graffiti Artist.

In 2006, Alvan released his first single, “Shake That Booty” and in 2008 he was scouted by Redbull Nigeria after a performance of one of his songs. He went on a state to state tour that was organized by Redbull, this event gave him the platform to perform with the best artistes in Nigeria.

Alvan redefined his style of music and that gained him recognition in Europe and in America.
After uploading ‘One Of A Kind’ his Synth-pop/Pop rock music on SoundCloud back in 2011 he started gaining fans and other artistes, DJs attention who wanted to remix the song and also do collab. Some record labels in Europe were also interested in signing the track.

Strong Recordings a record label in Germany later signed the track in 2016 and also showed interest in signing his EDM smash-hit single ‘Pocco De Pocco’.

He is an extraordinary singer/songwriter who takes great pride in writing songs that work on many different levels.

Some of his songs have a serious tone while others are simply about having fun, his massive potential makes him endeared to lots of Artiste, Fans, Producers across the globe featuring in their tracks. With Urban-pop, EDM (Electronic Dance Music), Classic Rock and Reggae Fusion as Alvan’s genre of performance, it is his dream to be a record-breaking artiste. Alvan is setting the pace for others to follow.

Alvan Morris chooses to be the King of Electronic Dance Music.

Alvan Morris